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Advice, training and research: the Harnois Énergies team, combined with that of our supplier, Imperial, has developed renowned lubrication expertise serving businesses and individuals across Quebec. Discover why the Imperial team is one of the most recommended oil suppliers among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Technical advice from Mobil™ & Harnois Énergies lubrication specialists

Our sales team is comprised of Certified Lubrication Specialists and engineers working in collaboration with Mobil™. Because the Mobil™ team designs lubricants based on OEM recommendations, our specialists are extremely qualified to offer advice on good lubrication practices.

  • Explanations about the various lubricants
  • Assistance in choosing the most appropriate grease, oil and lubricants
  • Recommendations on the various filters, according to your needs
  • Advice on how to use equipment (tanks, pumps, hoses, etc.)
  • Training on best maintenance practices according to supplier recommendations

Improving lubricants: safety, productivity and the environment are our priorities

The Mobil™ team is able to conduct high-quality research to improve the lubricants we offer, because it focuses on specific goals.

Service sécurité


Mobil™ produces lubricants that are efficient and durable enough to considerably reduce scheduled maintenance and oil changes. This leads to less equipment handling for the team.
Service environnement


Good lubricants allow you to extend the life cycle of your equipment and reduce friction between mechanical parts, thus limiting waste and harmful emissions.
Gamme de lubrifiants vehicules commerciaux


Mobil™ research aims to optimize your production. High performance lubricants streamline maintenance (frequency, time and maintenance costs).
Now that you know Mobil™ lubricants can protect your equipment, see how our team of experts can help you increase your company productivity.
Raymond Sauvé
ing., CLS, HÉ Vice-President commercial & industrial sales

Access Imperial Oil services & training

By doing business with us, you'll also benefit from the following services:

  • Training and lube clinics personalized according to your needs and operations sector
  • Analysis of your motor oil and breakdowns at the Exxon Mobil™ Canadian lab

Imperial technical assistance: 1 800 387-3690

Lubricants we recommend and distribute

Our high-performance Mobil™ grease, motor oil and lubricants are ideal for all activity sectors. They resist extreme temperatures, offer terrific efficiency and reduce the need for scheduled maintenance. That is why we are proud to partner with Imperial Oil and offer its line of Mobil™ lubricants.