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Our propane distribution service helps make Harnois Énergies a turn-key organization. We serve clients in the agricultural, commercial and residential sectors and our propane delivery services respect the highest possible safety standards.

If you do not own tanks for your commercial needs, we loan and sell a wide range of various sizes at affordable prices. Our residential clients can also take advantage of our annual rental services, depending on their needs.

Planned delivery thanks to telemetry services

Take advantage of our telemetry services, with a reading device installed right on your fuel tank. Telemetry offers you peace of mind: You are always fuelled in time because we know your fuel levels at all times.

You may also:

  • Continuously check your tank levels in real time thanks to our smartphone application
  • Receive an alert when your tank reaches a predetermined level
  • Keep a 3-month history
  • Place an order directly from your smartphone

You can download Nee-Voo on iTunes or Google Play.

2% return on propane purchases

As a Le magasin Privilège cardholder, you'll get a 2% return on your residential propane purchases. This free card gives you points that may be exchanged for gas, diesel or other merchandise in our Le magasin minimarts. No annual fees and may be used with any purchase.


Commercial, industrial & agricultural sectors as well as services to individuals: propane grain drying systems, various heating units, fuel for generators and much more.


Propane for individuals

Heating, cooking, fuel for various devices such as BBQs, back-up heating, refrigerators or generators.

Propane for agricultural businesses

Heating buildings for livestock, grain-drying devices and much more

Propane for industries & businesses

Cooking, fuelling generators, heating units, elevators and other specialized equipment.

Auto propane for motorists

Low-emission replacement fuel, more affordable than gas.