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At Harnois Énergies, we not only want to be your preferred supplier of petroleum products, we also want to be an ally in your business success. That's why we offer reliable refuelling solutions that are fast and convenient and help optimize your daily operations.

Service stations & automated diesel stations

In addition to our wholesale gas and diesel options, our 400 Harnois, Esso and Pétro-T service stations are spread strategically across Quebec to refuel your fleet during those long delivery runs. Whether you work in the agriculture, mining, transportation or another industry, we also offer gas and diesel delivery directly to your trucks, machinery or mining equipment.

Thanks to our Cardlock cards, the Diesel Express network and our automated Cardlock stations allow you to fill up quickly any hour of the day or night. This service not only gives you the opportunity to purchase your diesel fuel at commercial market prices, but also to efficiently track your purchases, view your account statements and much more.

Industrial & commercial lubrication advice

Imperial Oil designs Mobil™ lubricants according to original equipment manufacturer recommendations and ensures the constant improvement of these products. Our Certified Lubrication Specialists and engineers work in conjunction with the Imperial Oil team to help you choose the lubricant best suited to your sector of operations and your vehicles.

H-Go products

We offer businesses and individuals an extensive product line to complement our petroleum products such as diesel exhaust fluid, windshield washer and solvents.

Propane sales

We serve businesses and farms for their propane needs. With our free real-time telemetry services, you can continuously keep tabs on your fuel levels. Your company will never run out of product!

Heating oil distribution

We offer reliable and flexible heating oil delivery, for both the commercial and residential sectors.

Cards & corporate programs

As a business owner, you can rest assured that your petroleum product pricing will reflect market fluctuations and that you'll benefit from exclusive corporate advantages offered by our various programs and cards.