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Every card we offer has its own unique advantages. Depending on the card, they are valid at our Esso, Harnois, and Pétro-T locations as well as our Le magasin convenience store network.

Loyalty cards

Fuel your vehicle and accumulated points that can be redeemed for gas, convenience store products and even car washes.


PC Optimum loyalty card

  • 10 points per litre of gas at Esso stations and 10 points per dollar spent on eligible corner store and car wash product purchases.
  • Holders of a President’s Choice Financial MasterCard accumulate 30 points per litre of gas purchased from an Esso station.
  • Additional points through customized offers.
  • PC Optimum points may be exchanged at Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores.


Carte Esso Extra

Esso Extra loyalty card

  • 1 or more Esso Extra points for each admissible dollar spent at Esso
  • May be redeemed for gas, merchandise, car washes, lottery tickets and much more
  • May be redeemed in-store and online
  • Valid at all participating Esso locations across Canada


Carte Le magasin

Le magasin loyalty card

  • Up to 15 points for every litre of gas (up to $1.50 every 2 fill-ups)
  • May be used at Le magasin convenience stores and affiliated stores
  • May be redeemed for gas and most in-store merchandise
  • Provides access to reduced ticket pricing at the Centre culturel de Joliette:
    comedy, variety and Grands explorateurs: 5%
    Song, theatre and youth: 10%
    Emerging music, classical music, world music and jazz: 15%

    Present your card at the Salle Rolland-Brunelle or Galeries Joliette box office to take advantage of this offer (maximum of one discounted ticket per card, per person).


Cardlock cards

With our Cardlock cards, it's easy to supply your fleet of heavy-duty vehicles with diesel fuel. Track purchases and manage your transactions efficiently.

Carte Diesel Express

Diesel Express commercial card

  • Detailed summary of purchase amount, taxes and litre volume per transportation unit
  • Access to 30+ corporate sites and Harnois 24/7 automated diesel stations 


Relais routier Esso

Esso Key to the Highway card

  • For heavy-duty vehicles, may be used at more than 80 diesel card fuelling stations across Canada
  • Online real-time account access including consumption tracking, transaction details, account balance and more
  • Includes a PIN
  • Weekly account statement mailing


Gift cards

Always practical and easy to give or receive, our gift cards can be redeemed for gasoline and most in-store merchandise at our convenience store locations.

Carte-cadeau Harnois

Harnois gift card

  • Available in amounts ranging from $10 to $500
  • Redeemable for gas and in-store merchandise at all participating locations
  • Accepted at Harnois and Pétro-T

To purchase a gift card, please visit your local Harnois station or the Harnois Énergies head office.


Carte Esso

Esso gift card

  • Available in: $10, $25, $50 or $100 amounts
  • Applicable on Esso gasoline and in-store merchandise purchases

To purchase a gift card, please visit an Esso station or order online.

Carte-cadeau Le magasin

Le magasin gift card

  • Available in amounts ranging from $10-$500
  • Applicable on on gas or merchandise at all participating locations

To purchase a gift card, please visit a Le magasin convenience store or the Harnois Énergies head office.


Gift Card Pétro-T

Pétro-T gift card

  • Available in amounts up to $500
  • Applicable on all available products except gift cards from other brands
  • Accepted at Harnois and Pétro-T
To purchase a gift card, please visit a Pétro-T station.



Credit cards

With our credit cards you can track purchases made at our service stations and receive, depending on the card, points that can be redeemed for gas and merchandise. Credit cards from all major financial institutions are also accepted at our locations.

Carte Harnois

Commercial & personal Harnois credit cards

  • May be used at all Harnois locations
  • No annual fees or renewal fees
  • Additional cards may be requested free of charge
  • Clear statements of fuel purchases
  • Payable at all Caisses Desjardins locations across Quebec as well as most major financial institutions in Quebec

To request a card, please fill out the form for the card of your choice and mail it to our head office.


Carte de crédit Pétro-T

Pétro-T commercial credit card

  • Driver or vehicle number may be added to differentiate cards
  • Option of receiving a statement update for all transactions or by credit card number