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Our network is comprised of some 40 corporate sites operating under the banner Le magasin.

Multiservice station: car wash, restaurant, gasoline & diesel

We offer everything in one location: gas pumps, car wash, food on the go, and convenience store products. It’s all available in a safe, friendly environment that’s been designed and developed to meet the needs of our customers.

For vehicle fleets, most stations also accept the Diesel Express Cardlock card, an easy and efficient refuelling option for businesses.

Specials & in-store contests

Filling up at one of our outlets is not juste convenient, it also pays off! We offer specials on different products each week, and we hold great contests from time to time.

In addition, when you use your Le magasin Privilège loyalty card, you'll earn up to $1.50 in rewards for every two fill-ups. Points are redeemable for fuel and most in-store merchandise. The card also allows you to save between 5% and 15% on theatre tickets, comedy shows and musical productions at the Centre culturel de Joliette!

Join our retail network

The possibilities are endless with Harnois: you can join our corporate or affiliated networks, become a distributor of our petroleum products, or contact us if you have land or buildings for sale or rent.